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Why You Need a Realtor ?

Using a qualified Agent in the purchase of your new Denver home will always save you time, energy and money. There are several steps in the Colorado home buying process. It is to your advantage to have an experienced representative on your side.

Steps in the home buying process and why it's important to have an agent represent you.

1. Select a Denver Real Estate agent

Purchasing a home is the largest investment many of us will ever experience. Choose a Denver agent that you feel you can trust and are comfortable with. You should know they will be by you through each step of the home buying process. This individual should care about you and your needs.

2. Select a lender and pre-qualify

Working with a trusted Denver lender prior to searching for a home allows for accurate and swift action upon writing a contract on a property. From the buyers perspective, you can lock-in an interest rate (without obligation) which could save you money during times of increasing rates. Working with a lender prior to writing a contract also facilitates the funding process after acceptance of an offer. Lastly, searching for a home and knowing your buying power will protect you from disappointment when you fall in love with a home, only to find out later that you can not acquire adequate funding to purchase the home.

3. Buyer Interview

Meet with your Denver Real Estate Agent and establish location, property type, number of bedrooms/baths, square footage and any other specifics you desire.

4. Home Search and Viewing

Your local agent will search all available avenues to find homes that meet your criteria. Appointments will be set for you to view all available properties with your agent.

5. Writing and Negotiating the Contract

Your Denver real estate agent will review all aspects of the contract with you prior to submitting your offer, such as offering price, specific dates, deadlines, and contingencies. Once an offer is submitted, three things can happen?acceptance, counter offer or rejection of the offer.

6. Acceptance of an offer

After an offer has been accepted, your real estate agent will walk you through several important steps to get you to the closing of your new home.

7. Inspection and Inspection resolution

Your agent should be able to recommend you to a reputable Colorado inspector for the property. Choose an inspector carefully, your agent can advise you on this. Inspections are a vital step in your home purchase. Here you will learn if there are any serious issues that may need to be addressed. You need an agent who will consult and guide you through this process. Someone who will come up with a resolution that is satisfactory to you.

8. Funding

You should have an agent that builds relationships with all parties to the transaction. This will help insure that all of your obligations are being met. You and your agent will work together with the lender to be sure all paperwork is in line for funding to ensure a smooth closing.

9. Closing

Your agent will coordinate the entire closing process. Making sure all parties (Lender, Title Company, Sellers and Listing Agent) are prepared well in advance of the closing.

10. Move in

The agent you choose should be ready to help you coordinate your move.

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