Denver Home Prices Aren’t the Whole Story – Don’t Forget About Rates!

It seems these days like all people can talk about are homes prices.  “Have we hit bottom?”….”How fast will they rebound?”…”If I wait a year to sell, will I make more money?”.  Most often, what we find lost in the shuffle is any serious consideration of our still amazingly low mortgage interest rates.  For many home buyers (and those wishing to sell and ‘move up’) the current interest rates need to be a major consideration in their decision-making process.

Check out this graphic from the Keller Williams blog post, ‘How Rising Interest Rates Will Affect Affordability‘.

Interest rate graph

You can see clearly the impact of the interest rate vs. price on a monthly payment.  In a recent post on, Denver real estate blogger John Rebchook makes the same case for this calculation.   He provides another example:

A rule of thumb is that a home has to drop by 10 percent to make up a 1-percentage point increase in interest rates. In other words, if you want that $400,000 home at the same monthly payment at 6.25 percent as at 5.25 percent, the seller must shave $40,000 off the price and sell it for $360,000.

For even more eye-opening statistics, also see our recent blog post entitled ‘Is it REALLY a Good Time to Buy a Home in Denver?

If these numbers are making you reconsider putting off a home purchase or moving up to your dream home, we can help you do an analysis of your own specific situation.  Call Wendy at (303) 808-0239 or contact us via email.


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